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24-hour dentistry

24-hour dentistry

The best and most high-quality dental emergency service in case of acute toothache in Kharkiv

Today doctors on duty are:
Kalchuk Roman Olegovich (Кальчук Роман Олегович) – dental surgeon

is the only private dental clinic on emergency duty in Kharkiv which possess all types of dental services and also is specialized on  emergency dental serviceThe dental clinic works on weekends and holidays as well.


You would better come to us if you have anything of the following:

 ongoing acute toothache

• acute toothache in a child
• acute toothache at night

 biting becomes more and more painfula sensation “growing tooth” appears

• swelling of a cheek or a jaw appears

 toothache under a crown

 toothache after tooth nerve extraction

• wisdom tooth” started to teethe
 toothache after canal filling


• toothache after dental filling

 toothache irradiates into an ear

 biting became painful after tooth filling

• complications or pain after tooth extraction
• complications or pain after “wisdom tooth” extraction
gum hurts after tooth extraction
• complications after tooth extraction

 analgesic tablets do not help in acute toothache

 you cannot sleep due to toothache 

 pain or bleeding after tooth extraction

 wisdom tooth” started to teethe and gum around it hurts

 inflammation of gums

• chipped front or any other tooth

• tooth has chipped and hurts the tongue
• tooth crown fall out
• dental bridge prosthesis has ruined

• you have hard toothache in Kharkivbut your dentist says: "It’s ok :-)!"

 your dentist is not accessible

• you can make an appointment to your dentist, but only for tomorrow and just at evening
• your dentist is on vacancy

 you are from other city or transient in Kharkiv and you have hard toothache

 consultation by dentist is needed

• you need to treat your teeth urgently

We make it possible to undergo treatment in our clinic, without need to wait for morning.

If you experience a toothache at night – you are not obliged to look for dentist all over the cityYou may call us by phone numbers of clinic “Valeodent listed below – and make an appointment to the dental doctor in 30 minutes in clinic “Valeodent by the address: KharkivKomandarma Korka Street (улица Командарма Корка), 12.

  If you put off the appointment you lose the time (which could be used for healing a tooth instead of its extraction)and awaiting for even more severe complications (distribution of inflammation on neighbor teeth or purulent changes with their spreading to surrounding soft tissues).



  Experienced specialists in 24-hour and night duty dentistry will carry out the diagnosis and make consultation


  Painlesslyin sterile sonditions, our specialists will render urgent first dental aid (emergent dental aidand conduct full treatment of teeth at night or healing of teeth at evening.


  Our dentist on a twenty-four hour basis will relieve you from painand next day you may visit your dentist quietly and without pain or continue the treatment in our clinic.


  In order to make an appointment in our clinic please strictly follow the sequence of actions described below.

So, summon up your courage and...

1. Call 068 614 53 35 or 099 960 94 77

You may make a call, and we will call back

2. Report the problem to a dentist by phone.

Do not hesitate :-) callrequestask.

We will answer all your questions in detail.

Inform us about the time you can arrive.

3. Arrive. 

Address of 24-hour dentistry:

KharkivKomandarma Korka Street, 12 (ул. Командарма Корка, 12).

Working hours:


- day timeMonday-Sunday   from 11:00 to 19:00
- night timeMonday-Sunday          from 20:00 to 23:30 or to the last visitor.



             Feedbacks about our dentistry are available

here and here

                 Why it is worthy to address specifically to us:

we have X-ray unitit is low-doseapplicable for pregnant women and children.

we are trying to explain the cause of your disease to you and obligatory maximally in detail describe what we will do and what methods of tooth treatment may be applied in your case. The only exclusion is when we have veeery big flow of patients with acute toothachebut anyway our doctor will explain and describe everythingbut very briefly.

after conducted treatment our doctors inform you about their phone numbers and are accessible for you 24 hours a dayi. eyou may call your doctor and ask about your problem any timeIt is usual for us.

we make a plan of treatment in which mention all needed manipulations and their cost, one issue represent for you, the other one is kept in your accounting card. Everything is very clear and understandable.

• just from the moment of entering to our clinic everyone sinks into the atmosphere of goodwill,attention and compassionateness from every of our specialists.

• every doctor conducts not only ability to heal the ill tooth, but also attention, care and individual approach to every patient.

• everyone who at least once attend the dental clinic “ValeoDent will appreciate the cleanness of
roomscomfortableness and convenience which are an integral part of modern service.

• the wide spectrum of dental services – treatment of teethsurgery, orthopedy, pediatric dentistry – may be obtained all together and in one place.

• our prices correspond to the quality of conducted work.

we guarantee that you will not experience any pain during the treatmentThis is because we use modern anesthetic medications for anesthesia on the base of acting agent – articaineBy the efficacy of anesthesia preparations on the base of articaine are 10 times more powerful than novocaine and 4 times more powerful than lidocainewhich guarantees 100 of anesthesia during the treatment.

• we will do all our best to avoid extraction, but to save and heal your tooth instead.

dental services in our clinics is performed only with assistant, in “four hands” which supports European standards of quality of treatment and sterility.

we do everything to save your toothfor that we have special broach bits for dental channels filling (if earlier
 dental channels have been filled and it the tooth started to inflamebroach of channels filling is obligatory), attachments for ultrasound unit for processing of dental roots channels (when special thin ultrasound attachment is inserted into a root channel the effect of cavitation is created thereand all the contents is washed-out and clearedby this good conditions for inflammation and pain liquidation are possessed). 

we have a big experience of treating and saving the teeth which have been stated by other doctors as “liable for extraction”.

our doctors with work experience on acute toothache service for more than 10 years,will correctly put the diagnosis and perform the high-quality treatmentAcute pain in 80 of cases is complicated clinical picture and symptomaticsand medical care should be conducted only by experienced doctor.

• we use novel methods of treatmentapproved by timewhich are intended to save your tooth.

• we have modern equipment, including ultrasound unit.

we use new modern instruments.

we start accounting card for each patient.

after the dental service we give an excerpt where the diagnosis is described in detail together with its reasoning and what treatment was conductedrecommendations
 after the treatment.

 the dental surgeon and dental therapist are on duty 24 hours a day.

              At admission:

• doctor collects all complaints and performs a revision of oral cavity.


• doctor informs about diagnosisneeded aid and price of treatment.

• our personnel fills the medical documentation (general information, contacts, complains).

• you sign an informed agreement for a treatment.

• it is better if you ask the doctor for any questions you might have about a treatment, even if you think they are foolish :-)

• a treatment is performed, recommendations are made.

If you have X-ray pictures (films) of your teeth or a panoramic radiogramplease take them with youthey might help in the diagnosis and during the treatment without need for additional expose to rays.

  P. S.: If you have a toothache and you decided to take an anesthetic preparationsthe pain may really disappear


  But in this way you may draw to the need of tooth extractionwhile it could be treated if you admit to a dentist in time as early as possible. From other side, if you have taken an anesthetic and pain did not disappear or has diminished temporarily, and only then you admit to a dentistit would be more difficult to put a diagnosis because of “blurriness” of clinical picture on the background of used anesthetics


  That is why we strongly recommend not to wait and think that everything will be over with timeIn 95 of cases,it will not – otherwise we would not stay on duty at nights. 


Call to make an appointment 068 614 53 35 099 960 94 77.